Wrong time…right connection…

Kiss and Make Up by Serenity Woods

What happens when your life is all mapped out and it doesn’t include a relationship… only to discover that the one you didn’t know you wanted is right in front of you…??

This is the dilemma facing Tabby (Tabatha) and Eli. Tabby is the new make up artist on the latest movie blockbuster filming in New Zealand and she’s using this one month stop-gap to gain a good reference before heading to the UK to go to the make up college she always wanted to but gave up for another man (her ex…). And Eli is a stuntman whose goal is to make it to Hollywood and honour the memory of his late brother. Neither of them have the time or yet headspace to desire or contemplate a relationship and yet spunky Tabby and hunky Eli hit it off straight away and sparks of lust and attraction start flying.

I just fell in love with the characters of Eli and Tabby. Eli has loads of energy and loves everything about being a stuntman. He’s super hot, muscular and very sexy. And he’s not looking to be in another relationship where his partner isn’t impressed with his line of work.

Tabby is a funky chick who is determined to do things her way – even if that means defying her families wishes to come home. She absolutely loves body art and drawing on other people’s skin or even her own. And most of all Tabby is scared of being in another relationship that where she feels she would have to change who she is.

This story is fantastic. It’s heartfelt and sensual and sexy and shows just what happens when what is meant to only be a lust-filled fling starts to feel like something more.
You’ll need to read for yourself to discover what Tabby and Eli do when they discover that they’re not really sure they can leave this one other behind even though they don’t fit into their plans. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

nicandbooks rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️
Amazon/Goodreads rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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