Love, laughs and all the feels

Commitment (Temptation #5) by K.M. Golland


I have to say I’ve never been so excited for a new book to be released and I can safely say I was not disappointed.

This is the fifth book in KM Golland’s Temptation series but can easily be read as a standalone. In saying that, fans of Bryce and Alexis (Brylexis) will love this next instalment, especially the further insights we get into Brylexis and their relationship.

Commitment is the story of Tash and Dean. Married for 13 years and with two young boys – they are well beyond the “horny honeymoon” stage of love, now in the “quick let’s have quiet sex so we don’t wake the kids stage”

Tash works at City Towers (which billionaire Bryce owns) as an event manager. She is one of Alexis’ best friends, she loves rufflebutt undies, is funky, fun and inquisitive. Most of all she loves Dean but feels that their relationship has lost the spark and passion they used to feel for each other.

Dean is an accountant. He’s a fantastic father, super funny and Dean so in love with Tash. But he’s a bit scared of breaking what has become the status quo in their marriage (red roses fix everything….missionary position anyone…?!)

What becomes quickly apparent is that both Dean and Tash are unsatisfied with their sex life but too proud, stubborn and scared to talk about it with one another. (You’ll love the poolside scene with Dean, Bryce and Derek as they discuss the best ways to talk about sex with their partners).


So the big catalyst in this story begins when Tash starts getting some attention from a colleague at work – Dale with the blue eyes who is head of security at City Towers – and isn’t sure how to deal with it. Day dreaming about a man who isn’t her husband is not something Tash has done before. And when this hot guy starts overtly flirting with her and making suggestive comments Tash is torn between the obvious attraction to Dale and her love and loyalty to Dean her husband.

What happens when both Tash and Dean really start paying attention to the relationships of those around them? To lust-filled, love in their eyes Brylexis (Bryce and Alexis!) and to “honeymoon” stage and horny Derek and Carly? And what happens when they start to question their marriage? Their sex life? Each other?


This is the first book I’ve read about a married couple who have been together for many years. It’s an accurate and honest portrayal of two people who are in love but whose relationship and sex life has gone a little stale….when work and kids and routine and the mundanity of life has gotten in the way of what made you both as a couple special.

Commitment is an absolutely page-turner and I could barely put the book down. It’s full of Kelly’s trademark humour, sexy talk and sexy time, along with a realness and truthfulness about marriage – something that is often not included in other romance novels where getting married is just the happily ever after. It’s a book that not only makes you laugh, but it makes you feel and makes you look at your own life (your own marriage/relationship if you’re in one) and wonder how truly happy you might be too.

Tash and Dean’s story resonated so deeply with me. It’s a story of love, a story of finding happiness, and a story of what really goes on behind the closed doors of so many marriages.

I highly recommend it!! I cannot wait to re-read this and enjoy Tash and Dean (and of course Brylexis) all over again.

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