Why nicandbooks?

Why did I create nicandbooks – yet another reading blog in an Internet landscape filled with them? Because I love to read, I love to promote the authors whose books I love, I enjoy writing and sharing reviews of the books I read – and what better way to do that then a blog. But what makes me different is that I am not going to sign up for a lot of ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies – which are usually free) of books… I want to buy (or occasionally win 😉 lol) the books by authors that I love so I can promote them but also support them financially too. And I won’t be reading and reviewing everything out there. I will keep doing what I’ve been doing since I jumped in the rabbit hole of romance reading awesomeness – buying and reading books by authors I love or were recommended to me, reviewing them and sharing their work like crazy!!


So join me!! You’ll be sure to find an author you will love!