Needed: A box of tissues and a shoulder to cry on

With the Last Goodbye by Len Webster

“Because Josie was so tired.
So tired of life and its unfairness.
Tired of disappointment.
Tired of never being someone’s first choice.
Tired of knowing what pain felt like when it consumed you.
Josephine Faulkner was tired.”

O M G 😯😦😧😮 I’ve just finished Len Webster’s With the Last Goodbye and I don’t think I have ever cried so much in a book. And that is an absolute testament to Len’s talent – because every single tear I cried was due to the emotion that just poured out of this book. This is a tricky review to write as it’s the conclusion to Max and Josie’s story which began in With the First Goodbye, and so I don’t want to spoil that book by giving away any of the plot.

“She wanted him. She hated him.
She loved him. She wanted to rip his goddamn heart out.
She wanted his love. She didn’t need it.”

The quote above does a pretty good job of summing up the emotional rollercoaster that is Max and Josie’s relationship. Their love for one another is constantly fighting against their own needs for love – Josie wants to be someone’s first choice and Max wants atonement for his past sins. I felt like they both knew the other was right for them but bad, horrible, crummy timing was a massive player in their relationship. And what I loved about these two leads was that both Max and Josie had flaws – real, relatable flaws. And this made the whole story more realistic and what helped me really connect to these two wonderful characters.

With the Last Goodbye is an emotional, angst-filled story and I ugly cried harder than I ever have before. And I actually want to read the book again – and no, I’m not a sucker for tears – but the experience of Max and Josie’s relationship is one that’s worth reliving. Reading it the first time, I was so desperate to find out how it all ends and rereading it will allow me to enjoy the story telling even more, not just the end result. And those tears weren’t just sad tears – I cried happy tears, shocked tears and tears of heartbreak. But this book was worth every tear I shed.

Len Webster is a phenomenally talented author and if you haven’t read anything by her she’s definitely worth adding to your TBR list. And I’d even recommend starting with Max and Josie’s story like I did – because despite being a part of the 38 series I didn’t feel like I had missed out by reading their story first. In saying that, I’m going back to start this series from the beginning and I can’t wait!!

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