Computer hacking, fast paced action and a fabulous romance to boot

Zero Hour by Megan Erickson

Megan Erickson has been on my radar for a while now but I just hadn’t found the time to read any of her books – except for her fabulous newsletter story, Boots, which is now available to purchase under the title Hidden Truths. So Zero Hour was my proper introduction to the fabulousness that is Megan’s writing and she did not disappoint. A group of hackers is brought together to avenge the death of hero – Roarke’s – brother and this group includes Roarke’s best friends sister, Wren – who manages to weasel her way into the group despite Roarke’s protests. Having been out of each other’s lives for over 10 years – when they both had unrequited crushes on the other – the chemistry between the two is palpable and the need for Roarke to protect Wren is capable of destroying everything he’s planned so hard to achieve.

“Standing there in a ball cap, torn jeans, bloody shirt, and a scowl, Roarke Brennan was a dream. Well, if a girl’s dream was a tattooed tech-head who was now glaring at her like he wanted her to disappear.”

I’ve become a recent fan of romantic suspense – after avoiding it for a while – and this storyline does not disappoint. There was plenty of computer based action – this is about a group of hackers after all – but even some real life stuff as well that had me turning pages so fast wanting to know what was going to happen. But the romance, it was there in spades as well. I’m a big fan of friends to lovers (especially ones with childhood crushes involved) and the relationship that begins to develop between Roarke and Wren has the right mix of sexual tension, shared history and a mutual understanding of one another that just makes the romance all the more exciting. For me it was just the right amount of romance to action and suspense, and I was with Roarke and Wren every step of the way!

Finally, this is the first book in Megan’s new Wired and Dangerous series and I’m so glad we’re going to revisit this crew. I’m keen to read Jock’s book (coming next) as he definitely has a few secrets that I want to know. But Marisol, Dade and Erick all intrigue me as well so I’m hoping they all get a happy ending?!?! Either way, I’m excited for where Megan will take us next – because she’s got me hacked…sorry, hooked 😉

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