The best one yet – sweet, romantic and a real page turner!

How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours by Sara Ney

I was so excited when Sara Ney announced a fourth (and final…by the sounds of it) book in her How to Date a Douchebag series and this story definitely did not disappoint. We know from the blurb that Coach Donnelly’s daughter Anabelle is the heroine – and we’re familiar with the coach from all three previous books as he coaches the wrestling team – but the hero’s identity is left a mystery and I won’t spoil it for you here!! Read it and find out.

Sara Ney writes the BEST college romance books I’ve read. They are the perfect mix of comedy, sexual tension, authentic college student issues, sweet romantic gestures and HILARIOUS real life quotes at the start of every chapter!

“The best thing about being single is sleeping around. You can sleep all over that bed of yours. Middle, left side, right side. Wherever.” 😂😂😂😂😂

And The Coaching Hours hits the mark on all accounts. There’s a fiesty, flirty and fun heroine in Anabelle who I really really liked. I connected with her more than any of the previous leading ladies in the Douchebag series and that made this story all the more enjoyable. There’s a douchebag who gets redeemed and it out a smile on my face. The romance is not without its drama and twists and turns and I liked it – even when I was cursing my Kindle for the umpteemth time – because no love story is smooth sailing. And the sex scenes – do damn hot (excuse me while I fan myself!!).

I’m not afraid to say that this is my favourite of all the Douchebag novels (sorry Zeke and Violet!). The couple are just so good together and I was rooting for them the entire story. This is one of those books that I will definitely be recommending to anyone and everyone and it’s going to be on a few of my favourite lists for 2018 – it’s just that fabulous!!!

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