A fitting conclusion you’ll be Begging to read!

Beg by Eden Butler

Eden Butler’s God of Rock duet has had me hooked ever since I first heard about it and after I read Kneel last year I was so keen for Beg and to discover if the arrogant, selfish, self-loathing Jamie Vega (aka Dash Justice) could ever be redeemed. And it’s safe to say, Eden has not disappointed me with this story.

Jamie and his forever love Iris have battled so many odds and I really did wonder if she’d ever forgive Jamie after the stunt he pulled at the end of Beg. And you’ll spend a lot of this book wondering if Jamie even deserves to be forgiven. This rock god is a now a shadow of his former self, ruined right down to his soul thanks to some misinterpretation and his pompous need to be right. I can’t say too much more about all that because I don’t want to spoil Kneel (which you MUST read first!) but I do feel that Jamie shows a lot of his true self in this book and I’m so glad it was written entirely from his POV.

“Something I was scared could easily slip through my fingers, but I’d never felt anything as sure, nothing that seemed so wholly mine as her.”

Iris and Jamie’s love story is pretty epic and my only complaint- and what has stopped me from giving it 5 nicandbooks hearts – is that I felt like their story was over before it could truly begin. And that’s ok… in the context of this story, it makes sense. But the romantic in me wanted a little more romance lol. In saying that, Beg is a novel worthy of your time and attention. If only to see that Eden Butler is a master of words (and lyrics 🎶) and her ability to make me fall in love with a man I pretty much despised at the end of the previous book is testament to her talent.

I’m sad it’s over, but I’m so glad I went on the journey with Iris and Jamie. It was one spectacular show 🎤🎸❤️

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