Perfectly sweet – the ideal story for one of my all time favourite couples

Make it to the Altar by Fiona Cole

I fell in love with Kevin and Ana when I read Fiona Cole’s Shame (previously Shame Me Not) and I was thrilled that she was giving them a novella. An extension to their happy ending was the best news and I’ve been anticipating this story since last year! And Fiona delivers on all counts.

It’s a story about their upcoming wedding – but before I get to that I have to say that the proposal scene was absolutely wonderful. I cried happy tears and I love that Kevin was able to make the proposal as much about accepting Ana for who she is, as it was about making a choice to be with the woman of his drams, his best friend, forever. So being about a wedding of course emotions are running high (and not just Kevin and Ana’s – I cried no less than three times!), there is drama, their are doubts the happy couple will even make it to the altar (😉 lol) and the sex scenes are even hotter. I just adore this couple so much – the relationship they have (and worked so hard to get to) is such a beautiful one. Their is dominance and submission but it’s not just in the bedroom – Kevin knows how to take care of Ana’s needs while still allowing her to be the independent woman she wants to be. And the give and take in their relationship is so admirable – I’m in awe of it and I love it.

“God, I loved him. Loved the way he loved me. Roughly. Painfully. Sweetly. I was his Ana, and I didn’t want to be anyone else.”

This novella would easily stand alone though you’ll obviously get more out of it if you have read Shame – but if you haven’t read Shame, I think reading this will make you go back and want to find out where it all began. I knew I would love Make it to the Altar but I had no idea that I would LOVE IT as much as I do. Kevin and Ana are a couple that won’t leave me and while it may be wishful thinking, I hope hope hope that Fiona revisits them again at some stage. We could all use a bit of Kevin and Ana in our lives.

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