Dark, erotic and perfectly imperfect

The Unrequited by Saffron A Kent

This book was one that popped up quite a bit on my social media last year and it sounded like something I would enjoy – a dark, heavy and erotic romance that might challenge me…bring it on. This is my first book my Saffron A Kent but it won’t be my last – her writing is captivating, her ability to make me love a story when I’m still not sure if I even liked the main characters for most of the book is outstanding and a credit to her obvious talent as a writer. And The Unrequited is a book that isn’t easy to read – but just as Layla and Thomas become addicted to each other, I became addicted to them and their story.

“My eyes are on the verge of falling shut when I hear him whisper, almost distractedly, “You bring them back…my words.”

This book will challenge a lot of people. It contains themes and scenes that will make some readers uncomfortable and Saffron warns readers of that at the start of the book (something I don’t think she needs to do but that’s a discussion for another forum). Me, I have no problem with it. I’m an adult and I’m reading fiction, so as long as the plot line hooks me and the writing is top-notch, I have no problem with confronting themes.

Thomas and Layla find each other in unexpected and (to be honest) inappropriate circumstances. She’s a college student, sent away for falling in unrequited love which ended in her doing something pretty shocking. And he’s a married father of one and a college professor. But they share a connection – a meeting of souls and an understanding that goes beyond the situation they find themselves in. And reading their story – while at times uncomfortable – was a really fascinating journey. I spent a fair portion of the book wondering why these two would keep going back to one another – especially Thomas, as Layla’s immaturity and naivety was grating at times. However somewhere along the way I started to feel for Layla, I started to understand her and the book as a whole got easier to read, easier to appreciate and easier to not to put down.

Saffron is one hell of a writer. The sex scenes are erotic and sensual, but it’s her talent in writing about something taboo and forbidden that I really liked. I’m looking forward to reading her previous release and her upcoming book – I want to see if I can be just as challenged, just as captivated and fall in love with the characters (eventually) just as much.

And don’t forget to read the Extended Epilogue

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