A great premise and a good mix of stories

Tales of Vixen Falls – Anthology

I was keen to read this anthology after hearing that two authors I know (and one I like) were contributing. I started with the stories by those familiar authors and they set a high bar that really wasn’t reached by the other novellas I read. I’ll admit I didn’t get around to finish the whole anthology as I got caught up reading other books – but I do hope to get back to it some day.

Overall rating

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Binding Incantations by Brandy Slaven

This was my first witch/warlock based paranormal romance and I have to say I quite liked it. Myra is a witch struggling to not use her powers as she believes she is cursed and Zane is a warlock sent to protect and help this young woman. My only difficulties with the story was wrapping my head around some “witch based” terms that weren’t fully explained and the fact that the story ended on a WHOPPING cliffhanger 😮😮 Other than that, this was a great short story with two likeable leads and a very intriguing paranormal context.

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Start of Something New by Cathy Johns

A nice, steamy romance about a couple who stumble into one another and realise that perhaps it was meant to be. I could tell that Cathy is a new author as this novella lacked some of the finesse of a more experienced writer; there was some repetition of the character’s thoughts and the plot line was interesting but not particularly compelling. In saying that, it was a lovely story to read and I enjoyed seeing Jake and Melanie come together.

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It’s Always Been You by Bella Emy

A sweet story of friends to lovers that happens when Chase and Riley go on a road trip to Vixen Falls so Chase can propose to his girlfriend. Best friends since they were kids, Riley has loved Chase forever but Chase only sees Riley as a friend. The story is sweet and the flashbacks were fabulous. But I felt the ending was rushed and a little cheesy – which was disappointing after such a good build up.

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Full Contact by Emily Reed

I really enjoyed this sweet love story between Austen the football player and Jess his physical therapist. It had all the hallmarks of a good story – relatable characters, some conflict, steamy sex scenes and a great location. While I definitely enjoyed the story and read it all in one sitting, I did think that both Austen and Jess were a little underdeveloped as characters – whether it was the word limit constraint (of being in an anthology) or inexperience from the author, I’m not sure. Despite this, Full Contact is one of my favourite stories from this collection

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Scarred by Elizabeth Knox

This story was absolutely incredible. I loved that Vixen Falls was just a simple setting in what was a hard hitting motorcycle club based story that managed to squeeze in your typical MC life, a sad case of domestic violence and the beginnings of a beautiful love story. Roxy and Tex have a history and unfortunately made choices that didn’t lead them done a happy path. But every day is a chance to start again and rewrite your story, and Elizabeth Knox does a brilliant job of demonstrating what can happen when you’re ready to make a change.

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Could it be Love by Stacey McCoy

I’m already a huge fan of Stacey’s so I was keen to read her contribution to this anthology and I was not disappointed. I loved Cara – the feisty, independent woman – being dragged to a health retreat that just happens to be near the mystical Vixen Falls. When she meets tour guide Ethan, her lifelong stance of “love is not for me” starts to crumble. Is it the Falls or is it more? A hot, steamy and hilarious romance, Stacey delivers a great story yet again.

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