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It Started with a Kiss – Anthology

I was keen to read this anthology as one of my favourite, must-read authors (Stacey McCoy) is a contributor and so I was hoping the rest of the stories would be ones I enjoyed. Overall I enjoyed this anthology, however as you will see by the individual reviews and ratings I’ve given each novella, in my opinion the stories got better the further you read.

I would definitely recommend this anthology to other readers however at this stage I don’t think I’ll be seeking out books by the authors I’m unfamiliar with. A great set of quickie novellas, It Started with a Kiss showcases some sexy, sweet and fun romance stories.

Overall rating:

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Whatever it takes by Cathy Johns

This was a super sweet second chance romance. After three years apart, a chance encounter brings Shae and Marcus back together and the realisation that the love between them never died is enough to give each other the second chance the both desperately need.

It was a super quick and easy read. I’ll be honest it’s not one of my favourites – there seemed like so much more could’ve happened but as it was set over the period of basically a day or two, I felt that things dragged a bit. I did enjoy reading about Marcus and Shae reconnecting but I just didn’t feel a strong connection to them as characters.

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Meant to be by C.J. Welles

A sexy, drama-filled novella, I enjoyed reading about Brett and Annie coming together. It was definitely an easy read and despite the “insta-love” connection between Brett and Annie, they’re chemistry was definitely palpable and clear.

For me, I felt that the C.J. tried to pack too much into the novella. There were ex- dramas, parental problems galore and the age difference between 30 year old Brett and 18 year old Annie (who was still in school) was never adequately discussed or explored. I did enjoy the story but for a novella it would’ve been better for the story to focus on a few issues well rather than cram so much in.

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Twisted Fate by J.A. Collard

I quite enjoyed this novella and was so disappointed when it ended as I really felt it could’ve been fleshed out into a full length story. Jake and Caitlin meet at a bar and have an instant connection – it’s more than lust, more than simple attraction but neither are really ready for more than a one night stand. However, that one night has far recent consequences and I liked how the two were forced to find each other again.

The chemistry between Jake and Caitlin was fabulous and the sex scenes were hot and steamy 🔥 But I did wish that their emotional connection could’ve been explored a little more – I really feel like this couple has so much more to offer us. This was another great contribution to this anthology.

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Worth the Risk by Stacey McCoy

I am proud to say that I’m a massive fan of Stacey’s and have loved everything g she has written – and her contribution to this novella is no different. A sexy, steamy story about a hook up that happens when Corey becomes Ashley’s “knight in shining armour” and rescues her from a couple of drunken idiots, turns into a beautiful romance with a touch of drama and a few twists and turns. I loved Ashley’s bestie Tammy – she was hilarious and her secretiveness defiantly paid off. And the chemistry between Corey and Ashley was hot 🔥🔥 and while it was definitely insta-love, in a quickie novella like this, I totally lapped it up!! I was just disappointed that it ended when it did as I really could have read more Corey and Tammy.

A fabulous story by an author I know we will continue to see great things from!

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