Opposites attract in this hot, erotic story

The Suit by Kathryn Nolan

Kathryn Nolan is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to erotic romance and this short story is evidence of that. The Suit started out as a series of #sexyshorts (as in short pieces of writing) in Kathryn’s Facebook group, inspired by her obsession with Tom Hiddleston, however Edward and Roxy became a hit and this novella was born. I absolutely loved rereading this story in it’s entirety – in a way it was even better since I didn’t have to wait days (or a week) between parts. Seemingly stuffy, Englishman Edward stumbles into Roxy’s tattoo parlour after a horrendous break up earlier that even. What starts as a desire for a tattoo ends up with a desire for so much more. Kathryn is a shining example of how to write a short story that has character development, steamy and erotically-charged sex scenes and a captivating plot line – a lot of authors could learn from her!!

This is one Hapoy Valentine’s Day Reading Edward and Roxy’s story again. And it’s a definite must read for any romance lovers (plus if you haven’t read Kathryn’s novel Riptide, you get he first four chapters as a bonus in this book so you’ll be sucked in and want to grab that one too!)

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