How long does it take to fall in love?

Thirty-Eight Days by Len Webster

This is the first book in Len Webster’s Thirty-Eight series but for me it’s the third one that I’ve read. I started with the last two books – Max and Josie’s story in With the First Goodbye and With the Last Goodbye – so in a way I know how this will end, but that doesn’t make the journey any less enjoyable, emotional or painful.

Clara and Noel have known each other since childhood, linked by Clara’s brother Alex who is Noel’s best friend. When Noel arrives to “look after” Clara as a favour to Alex, sparks fly as they both realise how different each other are after meant years apart. Their chemistry is undeniable, their love real, but will it last… can it last…?

Len is a master at writing angst and going back to the start of this series has shown me that she has always been fabulous at tugging at the heart strings and putting her characters – and us as the readers – through hell before a happy ever after is found. Unfortunately with this being the first book in a duet, I’m going to have to wait a little longer to see if Clara and Noel will get their chance at true love.

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