A fitting conclusion for a beautiful couple

What You Left Behind by Len Webster

Diving straight into What You Left Behind, I was captivated by Stevie and Julian’s reunion after four long years apart. So much had happened to both of them since their initial connection in Thailand and it was this time apart that would eventually come between them.

I found Julian in the previous books to come off as a bit of a goofy flake, but this book showed the beautiful man behind the jokes, the one who is loyal to a fault and loves deeply. And Stevie intrigued me and now knowing all about her past, I feel for her so much – going through the difficult period she did practically alone wouldn’t have been easy. Together this couple has chemistry and a connection that can’t be rivalled but apart they are just two broken halves.

Len does a fabulous job of bringing this couple back together – only for Stevie’s past to tear them apart. Seeing if they can have a happily ever after makes the torture and sadness worth it.

“J’ai rêvé de toi—du moment où je serais à toi.” I’ve dreamed of you. Dreamed of the moment I could be yours.”

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