Perfect holiday romance which leaves me wanting more

What We’ll Leave Behind by Len Webster

I have been curious about Stevie and Julia’s love story ever since I read With The First/Last Goodbye but once I read Thirty-Eight Days and Thirty-Eight Reasons I was desperate to discover what happened between these two. I loved that in the first two books of this series that Stevie and Julian appear separately and never happen to meet. Clearly it’s building up to book 3 (as What We’ll Leave Behind is classed as book 2.5 and a prequel) and I’m thrilled that Len gave us this book to show us what happened on that Thailand holiday.

Stevie and Julian meet by chance on a Thai beach and decide no full names (Stevie gives Julian her hardly used first name Stephanie), no backgrounds, just the here and now. But from their very first meeting you can tell that these two share a special connection that you don’t find everyday. I love that their foundation is based on discovering that their is more to one another than the physical attraction they have and this book is a definite page-turner as you’re waiting for the bombshell to drop.

And when it does – it doesn’t explode, not yet. It just happens and then you’re left wanting more. Len is fabulous at knowing exactly where to leave a two parter so that you have to read the next one. And so that’s what I’m off to do now, finding out if Stevie and Julian can get a happily ever after.

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