Love, pain, hope, tears, triumph

All We Have by Len Webster

Wow! This story had it all – from the highs of falling in love to the lows of having your heart smashed to smithereens ❤️💔 Rob and Allison’s story is by no means an easy one to read but it’s one I could not put down, it was just that captivating. Len has a way of being able to redeem even the worst of actions and I love that so much – it gives me hope that no mistake can be too big if it’s done out of love or done when blinded by love!!

Rob wasn’t an easy hero to like at first – his ability to put his foot in his mouth multiple times made him a tad hard to deal with but he is a good man at heart and that’s what I came to appreciate about him. Allison – she is incredible. What she has to go through with her family, her personal life, and the difficult choices she faces – I’m in awe of her strength, her soul and her inner beauty. She always saw the best in people – especially Rob – and I’m glad that he was the one to truly see the real her.

This is a bit of a different review for me because I started reading the series with the next book (#5), so this is the end of it for me. In saying that I definitely intend on going back and rereading the final two books because I know they’ll make so much more sense to me now I know everyone’s back story. The Thirty-Series is a prime example of a talented Australian author writing fabulous romance novels set primarily in Australia, and I absolutely adore that!!!

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