Who are we when we look inside

Gods & Monsters by Saffron A Kent

After reading Saffron A Kent’s The Unrequited and loving the way she represented the love story between two seemingly unlikeable characters, I was intrigued to read her upcoming – and now available – release, Gods & Monsters. The teasers did a brilliant job of not giving away this coming of age story, a romance between two people who shouldn’t have fallen in love but who’s connection was too powerful to be ignored.

Abel comes to Evie’s town one afternoon – moving in next door – and brings with him a past that their small town hasn’t forgotten and yet Evie is drawn to him in a way she can’t explain. What happens over a number of years is a love affair that has to be hidden, a fight against busy-bodies and family and eventually, a chance for Abel and Evie to finally have everything they ever wanted.

For me, the second part of this story really dragged. The first part is pure poetry – with gorgeous language and beautiful descriptions of Abel and Evie falling in love despite the odds.

“Abel Adams is a god. Because only gods can stop time and freeze moments, if they want to. Only gods can do what he does with a camera.”

But the second part is long, dragged out and takes a while to really pack a punch. I kept waiting for something to happen – a wait I was impatient for – but when everything explodes, it’s almost worth the wait. The third and final part is exactly what I wanted this book to be. It’s heartfelt, painful, full of anger and learning and beauty. I couldn’t put it down from that point. I had to know what happened and it was here that Saffron really had Abel and Evie shine. The ending was what made the second part bearable, because it is all kinds of emotionally charged, incredibly written words that will have you holding your breath until the last few pages. That is until I realised that the big incident that sparks Evie and Abel’s downfall is never really acknowledged again… and it’s a power imbalance in their relationship that really needs apologising for.

Evie and Abel are one hell of a couple and I’ll be forever grateful I experienced their relationship through this book. Gods and Monsters can maybe coexist after all.

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