It would be criminal to not let this book steal your heart and make you laugh

Fool Me Twice by Lilliana Anderson

Fool Me Twice is my first experience of Australian author Lilliana Anderson and I can safely say it won’t be my last. This story had everything I like – a relatable, strong and sassy heroine, a swoon-worthy hero with some big decisions to make, some absolutely hilarious laugh out loud moments, steamy sex scenes and a cast of side characters I’m looking forward to learning more about!!

Another big plus for me was the Australian setting – as an Aussie myself, I’m in love with Australian authors who set their books in their own backyard – and the city of Melbourne and the seaside town of Torquay make a perfect backdrop for this tale.

Holland is one hell of a heroine and has quickly become one of my favourite of the year his far. She’s not confident, she’s not super skinny, she’s not good with guys – but all of them doesn’t matter because she has a keen sense of humour, a strong moral compass, is witty and sassy beyond belief, and she can sign damn well too. Plus some of the best lines of the book come right out of her mouth:

“Normally I was like a ninja at the gym – you never saw me there”

And our hero – he takes a while to warm up to (you’ll have to read the book to see what I mean) but he definitely turns into a guy I could understand, respect and clearly cares for the wonderful Holland. As for the rest of the motley crew – you’ll meet a crime family that rivals the best of the best (we’ll at least in terms of loyalty and threats), a loyal best friend who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong (or maybe right 😉) time and an Aunt who you’ll want for your own!!

I’m super excited to know this is the first in a series and I’m looking forward to reading more by Lilliana. I wasn’t fooled by Fool Me Twice but I’m definitely a sucker for more 😁

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