The lies of a boy – the mistakes of a man

The First Touch of Sunlight by Len Webster

Woah…. so it’s been a few hours since I finished The First Touch of Sunlight, and to be honest I needed the time to calm down and regroup, because that ending had me sobbing uncontrollably, crying big fat ugly tears 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 But trust me, this book is totally worth every single tear I shed. A second chance romance that so cleverly tells both stories through the use of flashbacks, Sam and Meredith seemed to be destined to never find their happily ever after with one another … and all because of the lies Sam told when they were 18 years old. I will say, these lies – the whole backstory – is so intriguing, so interesting, so enticing, that you’ll hardly be able to put the book down, because you’re essentially being told two stories in one and each feeds into the other and Len is so masterful is not showing all her cards at once!!

Sam and Meredith – I loved them both so very much!!! Sam had lots on his plate at such a young age and his initial crush on and attraction to Meredith was something he never thought would be anymore than a pipe dream. But when she happens to be in the right place at the right time, a connection is forged that can never be broken – no matter how many times Sam breaks Meredith’s heart, no matter that they spend two years on separate continents, no matter how hard they try to forget each other… I love the way that Len has weaved a beautiful story of trust, betrayal, lies, hope and hurt into a captivating tale you’ll never forget. I was holding my breath (which is really hard when crying!) until the very last chapter, because I truly had no idea how this story would end.

There’s only a few books that have caused me to cry uncontrollably and Len Webster has written two of them (read my review of With the Last Goodbye to see the other book that had me sobbing!!). And this just goes to show what an absolutely phenomenal writer Len is. Because she has a way of making the characters feel so real, their story so fascinating, the emotions so heartfelt – that you cannot help but be swept away by the story, and in my case that means crying like crazy when the story takes an unexpected turn.

And can I also say – this cover is stunning. Len and Najla Qamber do an absolutely incredible job of Len’s covers and this no exception!! Just beautiful 🌻💛🌻💛

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