“I wouldn’t trade our sometimes for forever with anyone else.”

Sometimes Moments by Len Webster

There are some books that words don’t do justice to. This is one of those books. I was swept up in the “Sometimes Moments” created by Peyton and Callum that I was on the edge of my seat, heart in my throat as the story took me on an emotional rollercoaster that I definitely wasn’t expecting.

Yes this book is not an easy read. Yes you’ll be frustrated at both Peyton and Callum (but keep in mind they are only 21 and products of their upbringings and life experiences – some of which won’t become clear until right towards the end). Yes there are secrets and yes you will get answers. And yes – this book will make you feel sad, feel heart broken, feel hurt but it will also give you hope… hope that perhaps sometimes can become forever.

In almost every review I’ve written of Len Webster’s books I praise her and her incredible writing talent. And it’s well deserved because I am yet to find another author who’s books can make me cry as much as Len’s do and yet I still want to read everything I can by her. The pain is worth it because the connection I feel to the characters is so real, so authentic, that my emotions get caught up in the story – and all that is because of Len’s phenomenal writing. And I want to experience as much of that as I can.

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