Wish I could be one of #JessesGirlzi

Tussle by Jacob Chance

Jacob Chance is one author whose books I can’t get enough of and Tussle is no different. From the first teaser, to the hottest cover I have seen (look at it and try to argue), to a story I couldn’t put down – Tussle is a funny, feel good romance that should be on everyone’s to read list!!

On her first day working at World Class Wrestling (WCW), Lilah Turner is charmed by Jesse Gunn, an upcoming professional wrestler. Unfortunately for them both, Lilah is Russ Turner’s daughter and Russ is the CEO of WCW with a low tolerance for workplace fraternisations. So for three years and almost 300 attempts at a date, Lilah manages to ward off Jesse’s determined, cheesy and adorable propositions to date him. But when a wrestling matter requires Jesse and Lila to work in close quarters, sparks begin to fly, the sexual tension is palpable and Lilah’s carefully constructed reasons for not dating Jesse start to erode.

What follows is a hilarious romantic comedy that will have you swooning over Jesse – yes you’ll want to be one of #JessesGirlz too, laughing out loud at the antics of wrestlers in pursuit of their sport and our entertainment, and hoping that Lilah can find a balance between her career aspirations and love (because if she can’t, I’m sure there’s a line of women happy to make Jesse theirs). And be prepared for a sweet, lovely, hilarious romance that will make you smile, laugh and wish for a super-sweet, alpha-male wrestler named Jesse Gunn to take an interest in you 😉❤️

Jacob Chance writes fantastic romantic suspense (see the Quake duet!) bit his forays into sports, rom-com with Drive and Tussle have cemented him as a one-click, must-read author for me.

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