Incredible writing and a series worth reading!

The Sovereign series by BJ Harvey

I love all of BJ’s books and I was keen to read the rest of her back catalogue. And the Sovereign series – three short, sexy and action-packed novellas – are a fabulous set of books that I really enjoyed reading.

I have written individual reviews for each of the books and giving them their own rating. However overall I would rate the story as a set slightly higher – they are definitely worth reading!!

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Leave me wanting more

Touch (Sovereign #1) by BJ Harvey

BJ Harvey’s Sovereign series is three short novellas and the first, Touch, has hooked me straight away and has me keen to start book 2. Alyssa and Barrett meet on a plane in first class and exchange some flirty glances and one hot phone call that leaves them both wanting more. When Barrett finds Alyssa and gives her a date to remember, I was won over by this charming, yet mysterious man who clearly gets what he wants.

But just as things were getting good, BJ drops a bombshell of a cliffhanger that has Alyssa running scared and me desperate to find out what will happen next. Especially knowing that Alyssa’s current part-time booty call is a hot detective who I’m guessing may make an appearance to help her out…

Bring on Taste – I need to know what happens next!!

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Shock after shock

Taste (Sovereign #2) by BJ Harvey

Well Taste has certainly managed to give me more shocks then I expected. For a short novella, BJ Harvey has managed to still develop some quality characters and an intriguing plot line that I don’t want to put down. Continuing straight on from Touch, book 2 of the Sovereign series manages to leave me with more questions then answers (typical BJ!) and now a bit of a love triangle thrown in for good measure.

Alyssa thinks that she can forget Barrett after some shocking truths put a bitter taste in her mouth. But Barrett has a way of making sure she can’t forget him. And then there’s hot detective Aidan who is totally swoon worthy and clearly in deep when it comes to Alyssa. But when it comes time to make a choice, what will Alyssa do?

BJ has created a fascinating book with some steamy scenes, a plot line that has me hooked and characters I care about. I cannot wait to see how this all ends!

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A conclusion worth waiting for

Feel (Sovereign #3) by BJ Harvey

Well not surprisingly, BJ Harvey has topped off a fabulous series of novellas with an incredible conclusion in Feel. I can’t say too much for fear of spoiling the first two books (Touch and Taste) but I will say that the ending was one I was very satisfied with and was so glad with the way it all panned out.

Feel is sexy, sweet, action packed and full of heart. It’s BJ writing her typical wonderfulness and this whole series has made me excited to dive into the rest of her back catalogue I haven’t read yet (which thankfully isn’t much!).

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