Witty, sweet, sexy and a whole lot of funny!!!

Cake by Carmen Jenner

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Carmen Jenner is one phenomenal writer and her ability to write romance in tropes from motorcycle clubs, small towns, war heroes, rock stars and sports goes to show how freakishly talented this lady is. But her latest release Cake – a romcom that will have you laughing out loud, scoffing at the words on the page and your jaw dropping more than once – is one of her best books yet. Poppy and Leo are two of the most hilarious, loveable and endearing characters you will ever meet.
I was hooked on this book from the moment Carmen dropped the first hints and from the fabulous teasers, the incredible cover by comic artist Yehuda Devir and a Valentine’s Day love note that had me laughing at loud (see here), I knew that this would be a book that would blow me away. Cmon, I didn’t create the hashtags #LovingLeo and #GiveMeCake 🍰 for nothing 😉 And I was not wrong. Leo Nass earns his moniker #NassTheAss for all the shocking things he says and does. And yet, he is so witty, so sexy and so sweet that you won’t be able to help but fall in love with him too!! And Poppy Porter – she is one exceptional lady who takes no crap from anyone (least of all Leo) and the way she puts others before herself is so incredibly sweet and kind that even though you’ll think she’s insane for doing so (hello, she’s the maid of honour at her ex-best friend’s and ex-fiancé’s wedding 😮😮😮), you can’t help but admire her tenacity and confidence.
Cake is an awesome enemies-to-lovers romcom that should rocket up everyone’s to read list. You will devour this book so quickly because it is THAT good!! And when Leo looks like Chris Hemsworth and Poppy gives this man a run for her money, you just have to read what happens!!! One of my top reads of 2018 for sure!!!!!


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