When the pranks are hilarious and the attraction slow burn perfection

Stubborn as a Mule by Juliette Poe

I’m so glad I dove straight into Stubborn as a Mule – book 2 in Juliette Poe’s Sex and Sweet Tea series – as I was so keen to read about Lowe and his feud with New Yorker Melinda. This is a fabulous slow burn romance that was realistic, sweet and sexy.

I loved seeing Lowe’s transformation from a stubborn man sad to lose a piece of family history, to an understanding soul who came to accept that perhaps losing a house meant gaining so much more. And that more was in the shape of one sassy, intelligent, sweet woman: Melinda – Mely – Rothschild. The chemistry between these two was plain to see from early on – even if they both denied it – and I loved watching their budding relationship blossom. They don’t have an easy time, but Lowe’s Southern gentlemanly manners and Mely’s cautious but willing to try anything attitude sure makes for an interesting story.

Yet again, it was the other inhabitants living in Whynot that totally won me over. I was thrilled that we got a couple of Paps POV chapters and I loved the gossip mill chapters – a fabulously realistic look into life in a small town and the way that gossip can both help and hinder interpersonal relations. And I have to mention Mely’s BFF Morrie D – what a breath of fresh air to bring this character into Whynot and prove that there is so much more to this town then it’s redneck, Bible Belt reputation. Plus the pranks between Morrie and Lowe had me laughing out loud with tears in my eyes (doughnut anyone? shower perhaps? 😂😂). Also, knowing a bit more about the Mancinkus parents in Gerry and Catherine was very much appreciated as well.

Stubborn as a Mule is another great small town romance that I’ll be sure to recommend. The history that was woven into this story proves that it’s more than just a simple tale of love and I came away with a little more knowledge about the history of the USA. And as someone who loves a book that teaches me something as well as gives me a swoon-worthy romance, I definitely loved this book!

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