Sweet, sexy, southern charm in a small town

Ain’t He Precious? (Sex and Sweet Tea #1) by Juliette Poe

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Juliette Poe’s upcoming release “Pretty as a Peach” which is book 4 in the Sex and Sweet Tea series and so I thought it was only right to start the series where it began and read the first three books. So that leads me to “Ain’t He Precious?” which unexpectedly surprised me with its sweet second chance romance about two lawyers who’s college romance was broken up when Ry decided to go to big city Boston and take up a lucrative position in a well known law from and Trixie headed home to Whynot, North Carolina – a small town of 3872 inhabjitant – and become the town lawyer. When Trixie calls Ry to help with a case and he readily goes to visit her, sparks reignite, a strong connection is reformed and they both begin question why they broke up in the first place.

I’m new to Juliette Poe (and also to Sawyer Bennet, the author behind this alter ego) and I can safely say this is an author I will definitely be reading more of. I’m a big fan of small town romance. I love the relationships between all the characters – especially the secondary ones – as they are just that much closer. With a small town romance, the town and its people become a crucial part of the story and in the Sex and Sweet Tea series I’ve become enamoured with Whynot and the Mancinkus family – especially Paps, it’s a novel and brilliant idea to give the grandfather a few of his own POV chapters, they were some of my favourite parts of the entire book. I’m super keen to read about the rest of the family – starting next with Lowe – and I’m so glad I found another author to fall in love with!!

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