Opposites attract, sparks fly and Herman approves

Barking up the Wrong Tree by Juliette Poe

I’m on a run now with Juliette Poe’s Sex and Sweet Tea series and I have to say I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I was intrigued when I discovered this third book was about the Mancinkus twin who I knew the least about – Laken – but now after having read her story I think she just might be my favourite Mancinkus (excluding Paps of course). Her potential beau is Jake McDaniels – ex-NFL player, successful businessman and newbie farm owner. When his goats escape and Laken – Whynot’s resident veterinarian – offers to help out, there are definite and immediate sparks. But with Jake’s life based in Chicago and Laken firmly rooted in Whynot is there even a point to seeing if a potential relationship could happen – especially when Laken has been burnt before???

Juliette manages to tell a super sexy, super sweet and super cute story with finesse, fun and lots of flirting. Again she includes Paps POV (and he has a starring role in this story that you will be desperate to read about!) and this time around we get the addition of Herman’s POV as well. Who is Herman?? I won’t spoil the surprise but I was shocked at first but grew to love the insights that Herman gave us.

I’m lucky enough to not have to wait for Colt and Darby’s book (both who we met properly in this book and it looks like another romance I’m going to fall in love with!) as I won an ARC and I’m looking forward to also reading the final book in this fabulous series when it releases later this year 😁❤️

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