Challenging my thoughts – bringing joy to my soul

Sinner by Sierra Simone


This was my first Sierra Simone book after hearing so much about her and her New Camelot triology and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed what could’ve easily been a book solely written for the shock factor and taboo nature of the topic at hand. Sinner is the second book in Sierra’s Priest series but I read it fine as a stand-alone and didn’t feel the previous book and novella in the series were in any way spoiled. Sean Bell is the lead in the story in every way – the book is about him, written entirely from his POV, and it’s his character growth and development that made me fall in love with this book.


What surprised me most about Sinner was the fact it actually challenged my atheist beliefs and helped me to further understand why people (including some close friends of mine) can believe in a God despite all the terrible things that happen in this world. And this is the first romance novel that has ever done that for me so I thank Sierra for being able to integrate a very topical and often controversial issue into what is a beautiful, steamy and sexy book.
And I will admit that this book does deal with taboo issues that will likely make some people feel uncomfortable, there are definitely moments that are there for the shock factor and the sex scenes are incredibly hot, steamy and erotic. But these things became a part of the story itself and didn’t detract from the overall story about a man who lost his faith long ago and is coming to terms with the fact he may need it once again.
I’m so very glad I took a chance on this book and on Sierra Simone. I look forward to reading more of her books in the future.
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