When “oh so wrong” feels “oh so right”

Guardian by Remy Blake

Having just read Tempt a couple of days ago, it was interesting to compare it with Guardian which – at it’s most basic – is about an older man and younger woman (as opposed to the older woman and younger man in Tempt). At first, I felt this book didn’t have the same gripping storyline and relatable characters that Tempt did. Ivy acts like a typical 18 year old spoiled brat who is unimpressed with having to live with her dad’s best friend Brock – a 35 year old bachelor – after her dad passes away. Ivy uses her sexuality and body to her advantage, flirting shamelessly with Brock who isn’t sure how to handle her.

The sexual attraction and chemistry is explosive but with their age difference and the circumstances that brought them to be living together, neither want to actively pursue something that would be considered “wrong”. However, once lines are crossed there’s no going back – until Ivy reveals her future plans and Brock is not a part of them.

Until about 3/4 of the way through the book, I felt that Guardian was more taboo and salacious erotica than a story with characters I could empathise with. But out of nowhere, there was a switch and I sat up, paid attention and finally felt the book had something to say. And I was so very glad for it – because Remy Blake (together as a duo and as separate authors) are so very talented and I wasn’t thrilled to have to give this book a less than stellar review.

So enjoy the steamy, hot, panty-wetting sex scenes, revel in the illicit relationship and be prepared to see that when it comes to love, age is no barrier. Another fabulous read by Remy Blake and I look forward to whatever they give us next.

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