How Kate got her mojo back

Wait With Me by Amy Daws


As a huge fan of Amy Daws, I had been following along with her story as she found a new place to write her next Harris Brothers novel – the unlikely Customer Care Centre of her local Tires, Tires, Tires franchise. When she announced that she was writing a book loosely based on her experiences, I was keen to read it – as I am anything that Amy writes. However, quite unexpectedly, the hype surrounding the TTT saga that has gone on in Amy’s real life and, inadvertently this book, has exploded with the story being picked up by local media, national (US) websites/blogs as well as buzzing all over social media. And for me, this is where the story “Wait With Me” has gotten lost amongst the story of Amy finding her writing mojo at TTT.

For me, I really enjoyed seeing the parallels between romance writer Kate Smith and the experiences Amy herself went through. Of course, once sexy mechanic Miles Hudson enters the scene, all comparisons between Amy and Kate are gone. And this becomes a sweet romance between two people who have had pretty horrible luck with exes in the past and aren’t quite ready to embark on something new. I laughed out loud quite a few times – Amy’s trademark humour definitely shining through – and the sex scenes are definitely hot hot hot!! Miles and Kate face quite a few hurdles and I liked going on their romantic journey to see where things would end up – even if it was a tad predictable.

Also, I loved Amy’s commentary on the misunderstandings and mockery that romance writers – and even romance readers – have to contend with.
“But deep down, I know I’m more. I’m a creator of stories. Stories that have a plot and an arc and a journey. Yes, they experiment in BDSM. Yes, they do anal. And yes, you will probably get horny when you read them, but they still mean something to me. I’m still proud of them when I type The End. And I love the fact that I have readers who get to escape their regular lives for a while and pretend that they’re someone else.”

Overall, this was a sweet, lovely romance that – despite the hype – deserves the praise it has been getting. I’m looking forward to hopefully reading about more of the characters we got to meet in this book because I think Lynsey, Dean and Sam all deserve their own HEA.

nicandbooks rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amazon/Goodreads rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️