Wishing for Bliss

Finding Bliss by BJ Harvey


Well that’s it – I’ve read the whole Harem of Bliss books and I’m a bit sad that it’s over (thank goodness for the Game series, a spin off of this one, which I’m hoping will provide me with a few sneaky Bliss crew updates). Noah’s story rounds off Mac’s crew of HEAs, and it was so refreshing to see the “Walking Dildo” – as he was affectionately (and appropriately) nicknamed – find a woman who finally brought him to his knees.

The identity of said woman is kept a bit of a secret and I’ll keep it that way as well (despite the fact the book has been out for a while) but just know that this sassy, sexy, spectacularly funny woman is exactly the type of lady I’d envisaged would finally give Dr Taylor a run for his money. That’s not to say she doesn’t have her own drama and a whole ton of baggage, but you’ll be swept up in the awesomeness of this story that you’ll be rooting for her and Noah to, well, root 😉😂😂

BJ Harvey has created an incredible set of stories in the Bliss series and I’m so thrilled that I found her writing and her characters to fall in love with. An incredibly romantic, swoon-worthy and sexy story to round off a fabulous series.

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