Wishing for my own Superman

Temporary Bliss by BJ Harvey


Temporary Bliss is the story that introduced me to the wonderful BJ Harvey and I’m so glad that I’ve taken the time to reread it and appreciate it again – as well as read the rest of the books in the Bliss series. This romance is an easy read and yet – in true BJ fashion – doesn’t shy away from dealing with some major issues. From crummy last relationships to the perks of multiple “friends with benefits” to the gorgeousness of two friends whose sister-like relationship is envy creating! This is so much more than a love story – it’s about a woman finding herself and realising that she is worth so much more than she thinks she deserves.

That woman is Makenna – Mac – Lewis and the guy to turn her world upside down is Superman himself aka Delicious Daniel Winters. A chance encounter one night and some serious flirting leads the perpetually commitment-phobe Mac down a path she really was not ready for. But swoon-worthy Daniel is one patient man and despite more road blocks to their “not not dating” relationship, Daniel is not one to give up easily.

BJ writes so very well and this book is a perfect example of her ability to weave a beautifully romantic story – with some very hot and steamy scenes – that also makes you question how you view yourself and whether you give yourself enough credit. I’m very much looking forward to reading the rest of this series and seeing some of the fantastic secondary characters take centre stage and hopefully find their own happily ever after.

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