Where can I find me a Winston brother?

Truth or Beard by Penny Reid

Gosh I’d forgotten how much I love Penny Reid’s first Winston brothers book Truth or Beard. This was a re-read for me that achieved two purposes: 1) I can review it because when I last read it I wasn’t reviewing 😮😮😮 and 2) Remind me of the awesomeness that is Penny as I’m meeting her at a signing very soon!! And I have to say I had a fabulous time reading and enjoying the story as well.

In a case of mistaken identity, our heroine Jess ends up sharing a hot and heavy kiss with one of the Winston twins… the mix-up being that she thought she was kissing her longtime “hero worship” crush Beau when in fact it was Duane Winston with whom she locked lips and had the best kiss of her life. Upon discovering this, Jess is angry at first but then comes to realise that perhaps a lingering attraction to the Winston brother twin she argued with constantly growing up, that she pulled pranks on, that she actually knows a great deal about…is the man she really has held a flame for.

“Are you sure you had a crush on Beau? Or did you maybe like Duane all along, but felt Beau was a safer choice?”

Penny manages to weave an absolutely incredible tale of relationships into what is an extremely funny, very intelligent and quite relatable romance novel. It’s about more than just Duane and Jess – though their relationship is front and centre and definitely of importance – it’s also a story that touches on the impact of family, the desire to travel and what it means to find home. And I loved that the two major complications in this book were solved so simply and easily and yet I was pleasantly satisfied by the outcome – I didn’t feel like the book was missing anything from the resolutions being straightforward. If anything, this made the focus on the relationships that much more special.

And I have to make reference to the fabulous quotes at the start of each chapter. So many spoke to me and I relished and enjoyed reading everyone. I really really need to read more of the Winston Brothers though I have a feeling I’ll probably end up waiting until all the books are out and I can have a Winston Brothers binge week!

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