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The Birthday List by Devney Perry


This is my first Devney Perry Book after hearing so many positive about her last year and I’m so glad I found her because she makes a great addition to my must-read author list. I was totally blown by The Birthday List and can’t wait to read more by this new romance author.

This novel doesn’t start out very happily – and with the blurb giving away that Poppy is a widow, you know it’s going to be a tough journey for her to find love again. But despite the fact that you’re reading about Poppy making her way through the grief that is losing her husband Jamie, there is a quite big beacon of hope in the form of Cole. In a series of coincidences, these two find themselves running into one another and the attraction and chemistry is palpable. But as Poppy has only ever loved one man, the thought of being with someone other than Jamie brings with it a lot of guilt and fear. But Cole is one of the most patient and understanding men ever (and his past connection with Poppy will help explain why) and the slow burn romance that builds over the course of the story is absolutely beautiful. I love that Devney let the relationship build naturally and realistically. It never feels like Poppy and Cole have been forced together and this is what makes this romance such a brilliant one to read.

Devney has a way with words that draws you into her story, gets your emotions tangled up in those of her characters and creates a whole world that you can’t help her fall in love with. Not only was I captivated by the budding romance between Cole and Poppy, but the secondary characters were just as enjoyable. From Randall and Jimmy to Finn and Molly, I was just as intrigued by these characters and their side plots as I was by the main story. And this is the sign of a fabulous writer, because when I develop an attachment to all of the characters in a story, I know I’ve found a an author whose talent is worth following.

I’m very much looking forward to reading Devney’s next series as well as catching up with her debut series too. And I’m so glad I’ve found yet another one-click author (even if my TBR and bank balance might disagree 😉😂)

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