You’re my life, my future and my end

Remedy by Stacey McCoy

Wow – I had high hopes for Remedy, the third and final book in Stacey McCoy’s Reanimation trilogy, and these were exceeded and then some. This trilogy is the first PNR (Paranormal Romance) I had read since Twilight and I have loved the different take on vampires and the possibility they could become human again.

Remedy picks up where Eradicate (book 2) left off and so I won’t say too much about the plot line specifically as I don’t want to give away any major spoilers. But Kady, Rylan and the whole Reanimation crew (Nora, Allister, Lawrence, Darius and Calinda) are up against some big threats – to not only their lives, but the entire Reanimation process. With some new characters introduced, some incredible twists I did not see coming and a battle that might end the lives of so many of our favourites, Remedy delivered a strong finale to this trilogy that left no unanswered questions and a whole heap of smiles (eventually…).

Stacey McCoy has come a long way in her writing ability since the first book and yet her voice and her style has remained true throughout all three books. She has a way of capturing the characters and their thoughts and feelings so that you can’t help but want them all to get a happily ever after. While I’m sad that this trilogy is over, I’m excited to see what Stacey gives us next – because I’m sure it’ll be great.