Hilarious, heartfelt and full of heat

Twist by KC Enders


I fell in love with KC Enders’ writing when I read her debut novel Troubles earlier this year and was thrilled when she announced that flirty, fun bartender Finn was getting his own book. Twist is a fantastic story set back in McBride’s pub – so there was a few updates on Aidan and Lis 😁😁 plus the fab Francie too ☘️ – and I enjoyed the insight into Finn, since he was a character I liked in Troubles but wasn’t sure how he would go with a story of his own.

But the flirt Finn is so much more than the “man whore” he presents himself as and Twist gives us a great understanding of this Irish lad and a look into his background that I wasn’t sure expecting. When he comes across the feisty, sassy Adelaide – a website developer with colourful hair and a colourful attitude – Finn has definitely met his match as this woman gives it back as good as she gets and her rebuffs to some of Finn’s best pick up lines are some of my favourite scenes in the book. What I loved about Adelaide as well was that she isn’t a big people person – she works a job she can do at home, she prefers the company of her housemate Eric to anyone else – and this quote of her’s on the opening pages has become my new life motto:


Twist is so very funny – the pick up lines and rebuffs at the start of every chapter are PERFECT – and yet it manages to develop Finn and Adelaide’s characters enough that I really felt for them both. And what I really loved, the unexpected aspects of the story lines – yes, the TWISTS – which made this so much more than a fluffy romance novel.

This is the perfect introduction to KC Enders and the world of McBride’s, so even if you haven’t read Troubles you will definitely enjoy this book and you’ll find you’ll want to go back and read the first book anyway!! I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.

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