Full of feelings

Vicious by L.J. Shen


And now I know why everyone loves the #HotHoles so much. The story of Vicious and Emilia was everything I didn’t know it could be…and by that, I mean because I read Defy first and knew what kind of horrible guy Baron “Vicious/Vic” Spencer could be, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to comprehend him being redeemable or worthy of love. But if I know anything about L.J. Shen’s writing, it’s that she knows how to turn even the most unlikeable characters into someone you can’t help but feel for.

I really enjoyed the flashbacks between their shared high school past and the coincidental present day meeting between Emilia LeBlanc and her high school nemesis/crush Vicious. Finding out more about their past have their present interactions so much more meaning and despite really hating Vicious for the horrid way he treated Emilia in high school, knowing why he did it helped me to understand the guy (even if I still wanted to punch him 😉).

These two were destined to be together but L.J. doesn’t make their relationship an easy one at all. It’s full of snark and banter, flirting and fury, hot and steamy sex and then massive fights that tear them apart. And while this book is all kinds of heavy – so much so I had to put it down for a little while – it was a fabulous read and I can’t wait to read the remaining HotHoles books!! Because despite their outwardly horrible demeanours, deep down I know each of these guys deserves a HEA!

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