It’s time to find love

About Time by B. Cranford


I’ve made no secret of the fact I absolutely adore B. (Beth) Cranford and her books and I was so excited to learn that she was starting a new series called “The Avenue” and the first book, About Time, has made me fall in love with this author even more. It’s a friends-to-lovers, second chance, brother’s best friend, heroine is pregnant and it’s not the hero’s romance – and I love that I can’t fit it into one trope because, in all honesty, life isn’t like that so why should romance novels be. Ashton and Duncan had a short but intense connection 15 years ago when Ashton and her brother Aaron left home and stayed with Duncan, because their parents wouldn’t accept Aaron for who he is – a gay man in love with his then boyfriend, now husband, Simon. But when a family emergency tears them apart, Ashton and Duncan move on with their lives – always wondering what if?!? Fast forward a decade and a half and a lot has changed in both their lives but perhaps it’s “about time” they gave a relationship a chance 😉

What I have always loved about Beth’s writing is her ability to make her characters so real, so relatable, so genuine that they become like friends. They way Beth writes, it’s like she is telling a story about people I could know and when she gives you lines like this:

“She made a noise between a snort and a snicker, which he couldn’t help but agree with. He didn’t know exactly what the sound was but the sentiment it painted? Spot on.”

I feel like I’m listening to a friend tell me a story and I absolutely love that. There aren’t many authors whose books connect with me on such a personal level, but Beth’s have from the very beginning and About Time is no different.

I was so excited to see Brighton and Jade from the “Bright and Crazy” series and I love that these books are still set in that world ❤️ But I’m also thrilled with the characters we’ve met in The Avenue series and I cannot wait for Austin and Odette’s book (coming next) and I hope and hope and hope we are getting Aaron and Simon’s story too (please please please!!!). These characters already feel like good friends and I am looking forward to going on more of their journeys with them and with Beth!!

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