My favourite douchebag of all

Audiobook Review

How to Date a Douchebag: The Failing Hours by Sara Ney


Listening to Sara Ney’s How to Date a Douchebag: The Failing Hours was a “reread” for me as I read the ebook last year when I first fell in love with Zeke and Violet. Zeke will forever be my favourite douchebag as he epitomises the perfect hero that I love to root for – the guy who you start out loving to hate and then by the end of the book you just love them. And Violet is so real and so perfectly imperfect and I love how she brings out the best in Zeke 💕

As far as audiobooks go, this is a fairly good one. I had the same issue with the female narrator – Muffy Newton – as I did when I listened to The Studying Hours; when she does the male voices, it’s a bit too “try hard” and is pretty irritating to listen to. I do get used to it but she’s not my preferred narrator when it comes to this dual style. Josh Goodman I’m the other hand is the PERFECT Zeke and I love listening to him 😍😍 One other thing, both the narrators needed to take a breath and just pause when it came to some sections of the book – eg. when the scene changed or moved on – as I found that I’d wondered what was going on and why the topic being discussed had changed or the conversation had ceased and then I realised it was because there was a break in the scene and the narrators just needed to acknowledge that with a pause before they continued on.

Overall this is an absolutely fabulous story and a great audiobook that I’d definitely recommend.

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