To realise what you have, you first must lose it all

Lennon Reborn by Scarlett Cole

If only I could swear and not have my review be deemed unacceptable… so if you’re reading this just insert a string of curse words here as that pretty much sums up how I felt for the first few chapters!!!

I have been desperately and impatiently waiting for Lennon Reborn – the fourth (well fifth technically since we have to include Dred’s book!) and final book in the Preload series – ever since I devoured the first three books at the end of last year and the start of this one. And this book was everything I had hoped for and then some. I’ve had a soft spot for Preload drummer Lennon McCartney since Dred’s story, The Purest Hook (part of the Second Circle Tattoos series), and I can say now that he is my absolute favourite of all the band. There is something about a broken, tortured man who finds it within himself – and in the case of Lennon, with a loving push from a wonderful woman – to become a better person, a better man, a better family member. Lennon’s backstory is the most heartbreaking of all band’s stories – and all five men have horrific backstories – but Lennon’s broke my heart 💔 And when the major incident that rocks the book, gut punched me and changed the course of Lennon’s life occurs and all he asks of Dr Georgia Starr is to just “let me go” well I sobbed. Because you know you are in for one hell of a story when the tortured Lennon asks for that 😭😭😭😭😭

Like I have done for a few other reviews I’m going to bullet point this one. And I have no spoilers ahead so there’s no need to worry – but I will say that you better keep some tissues nearby because you’ll definitely need them.

  • Petal once again steals the book. I hope Scarlett Cole does write a book for this precocious little girl one day because she’s going to be awesome!! And there’s a few scenes between her and Lennon that will break your heart – she is so incredibly adorable 💕
  • All the updates on the band members were once again fabulous. But the start of this book – sick to my stomach I was. I knew the most impact would come from them being all there and affected but it did not make it any less horrific and painful.
  • Georgia is on equal footing with the fabulous Kendalee (Elliot’s lady!) as my two favourite Preload women. What Georgia does for Lennon…what she gives him…and in return, what he does for her – it’s absolutely beautiful. And this headstrong, career oriented woman has her world rocked – figuratively and literally – by Lennon and I loved every second.
  • Maisey and Ellen are two of the most beautiful, kind hearted, loving women ever to grace the pages of a book. I adore them and all they did for the Preload men and I love these two women with all my heart.
  • This story broke me. But Scarlett did put me back together too so I’m grateful for that. I knew it would hurt but funnily enough some of the most heartbreaking, heartfelt and incredibly emotional scenes occurred long after the big incident happened. And that to me shows the talent of Scarlett to create an emotionally gripping story that you can’t help but feel affected by.
  • Finally, Lennon. I love this guy!! Every broken piece, every drumbeat, every word of his inner dialogue. He isn’t perfect and that’s what makes me love him that much more. The journey he goes on through this book is amazing and beautiful and proves the title of my review; that you have to lose it all to see exactly what you have.

If this book, this series, isn’t on your TBR go and add. Go and one click and devour the entire series. You will not be disappointed!!!

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