Oh so bitterSWEET 💕

Bittersweet by Carmen Jenner & Lauren McKellar

With one of my all time favourite authors co-writing a book with one of her best friends I knew I was in for an incredible book – and Bittersweet was all that and more. Carmen Jenner’s books include some of my absolute faves and while I’m new to Lauren McKellar, I’ll definitely be checking her books out. Together, they have delivered a book that is hilariously sweet with the right amount of drama … toss in a family man and a woman who isn’t the “perfect size” (because she’s just a regular woman after all our own hearts) and Bittersweet is a book that will make you swoon, make you crack up laughing and make you pause as you consider why the size of a woman is still so important these days (sigh).

I devoured this story in half a day – it’s so easy to read, so light and fun, and I fell in love with Romy. She is the type of woman I could’ve been if I hadn’t met my husband when I did – someone so desperate for love but who doesn’t have the confidence or self-belief that she deserves to be loved. I really enjoyed experiencing Romy’s inner voice and reading about a book heroine who doesn’t have it all together. Her doubt, her lack of self esteem, her dislike of her appearance is something so many women can identify with and it was refreshing to read a story that included this.

And Elio – the swoon worthy barista and baker – gosh he was dreamy. I loved the chapters told from his perspective (and while Bittersweet is in dual perspective, it’s mainly from Romy’s point of view) and his attraction to Romy is evident from the get go. And while Elio has a little “lie of omission” of his own, you know exactly why he wasn’t so forthcoming…

Lastly I have to mention the fabulous supporting characters. I’m desperately hoping Nico and Bianca are getting their own book (pretty please!!) but I loved Elio’s Nonna, I loved Romy’s bestie Emma and Coco – she is totally adorable!!

If Bittersweet isn’t on you tbr go and add it now, or better yet one click and get swept away by an absolutely gorgeous love story that will make you smile, make you swoon and hope for an Elio at your local cafe!!