Wanting to be loved

Fools Rush In by Lilliana Anderson

I had been anticipating the second book in Lilliana Anderson’s Cartwright brothers series since I fell in love with Nate and Holland from Fool Me Twice. I was glad to know we’d be getting Holland’s best friend Alesha’s story since she was so involved in the first book and Lilliana definitely didn’t disappoint.

Unlike Holland and Nate, there was no very little initial attraction between Alesha and her Cartwright brother and chosen husband Sam – by saying that I mean they met one afternoon and were married within 24 hours thanks to the mess that Holland had got her and Alesha into. But you could see straight away that this 32 year old woman who was socially awkward and had never had a real relationship with a man – other than her male relatives – was smitten with Sam and glad that if she was being forced into a marriage to save her life and those she loved, then at least it was a man she quickly admired. What follows is what I would expect of a story about two people being forced to marry – especially when one is a criminal. There were ups and downs, steamy sex scenes and laugh out loud moments and Alesha found her way in a new family only to have it ripped away when things fell apart. Alesha was desperate for someone to love her for her and the story questions whether she will ever find that someone, and if the man she was forced to marry could be that person.

I really enjoyed this story. It was an easy read and the characters were fabulous. I especially enjoyed the different perspective of Holland and Nate from Alesha’s POV and the insight we got from this. Lilliana has a way of giving us a fairly ridiculous, fantasy based plot and yet some real, genuine characters who you can’t help but fall in love with.

Getting a much bigger feel and look into the remaining members of the Cartwright family was fabulous – because it was clear that Holland was a bit more biased against them – and I was so glad to get to know this thieving family a bit better. The twins Kris and Abbot are hilarious and seem like so much fun, Toby is the brother I cannot wait to get his own book and the matriarch Jasmine proved in this book that there’s more than first meets the eye.

This is one family I can’t wait to read more about so I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this fabulous series.