Romantic suspense, an older man, and a need for retribution

Edge of Retribution by Jacob Chance


Jacob Chance is an author who I found recently and whose books I have absolutely loved, and Edge of Retribution is no different. Despite the fact that this is a complete 180 from his two previous sports-based, romantic comedies, Jacob manages to pull off a fantastic story with a gripping plot line and two characters I really enjoyed.

Zoe and Nash share a history because he was involved in her protection after the brutal deaths of her parents (and despite knowing it was coming having read the first chapter in Jacob’s Facebook group I was still stunned by it all!!) and the attraction between them is palpable. But with Zoe only 18 and Nash in a position of power, it’s not the right time. Fast forward six years and a few things have changed. Zoe and Nash are now colleagues, Zoe is old enough to want retribution for the horrible events that threw her entire life off its axis and Nash is ready to finally admit that perhaps Zoe is the woman he has been waiting for all along.

Zoe and Nash were both truly likeable characters and even though Zoe went through an absolutely traumatic event, I felt she was portrayed realistically and with respect. And I appreciated Nash’s reasons for not acting on his attraction to Zoe when she was 18 and I was so glad that when they find each other again that he is the one pursuing her!! I’m always a fan of the strong alpha male who isn’t afraid to go after the woman he wants.

My only real criticism comes from the slow middle section. I loved loved loved Part I and could barely put the book down. But once we skipped forward 6 years and Part II began, I just found it all to be little slow going – and while I enjoyed Nash and Zoe reconnecting and the romance playing out, I just felt that the main plot about trying to get retribution for Zoe’s parents’ killer was pushed aside for a bit. The last few chapters had be turning pages as quick as I could as I wondered how it would all play out – and there were some twists, turns and surprises I didn’t see coming – and the ending was more than satisfying.

I also want to mention the fabulous secondary characters – I loved Karyn and I am desperately hoping that Georgia and Belfast get a story of their own (even a novella…) because there is something there that I’d love to read more about!!

This is an incredibly gripping story that I definitely recommend!!

nicandbooks rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️
Amazon/Goodreads rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️