Learning to forgive yourself

A Secret Between Friends by Serenity Woods


I am yet to find a book by the wonderful Serenity Woods that I haven’t loved and A Secret Between Friends is another book to add to my list of faves! Genie and Niall’s story deals with some pretty heavy stuff from death to post traumatic stress disorder, as well as obsessive compulsive disorder and fragile familial relationships. But at the same time, this story is balanced out with love, laughter, some incredibly sensual and sexy scenes and the beautiful setting of the Bay of Islands in New Zealand that I can’t get enough of.

Genie and Niall share a brother/sister type bond after Genie lived with Niall’s family for 12 years (due to her own mother passing away and her two brothers and father moving for work). However, despite being four years his junior, Genie always had a crush on Niall … she just never got the chance to pursue it. When Genie arrives home from the army, broken and wounded in more ways than one, it looks like she might just get her chance with Niall.

I loved this couple and I can’t wait to read the next two books (the third is out later this month – May 2018). Serenity is a master of the interconnected standalone series and I always manage to fall in love with any character she writes about. Couple that with the fact that the Between the Sheets series is a bit sexier and steamier than her usual books and this was a story I could not put down.

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