Time to Breathe

Breathe by Carly Phillips


I really enjoyed this second book in Carly Phillips’ Rosewood Bay series and I’m very much looking forward to reading the remaining two books. This story focuses on the eldest Ward sister Phoebe as she is reunited with her first love and father of her child, the gorgeous Jake Nichols. But a lot has happened in the 11 years since they last saw each other and it won’t be easy to reconnect after all this time. Throw in an ex-wife, Jake’s 6 year old daughter Callie and some secrets kept from Phoebe by her Aunt Joy and this story held my interest and kept me guessing.

What I particularly noticed about Breathe – as opposed to so many other romance novels I’ve read lately – is that there wasn’t big dramatic occurrence that pulled the main couple apart. Instead it was more a constant battle of little things stopping Phoebe from truly giving all of herself to Jake and it was actually refreshing, and realistic, to read a story like this. The problems facing Phoebe and Jake were typical of two people who clearly still had a strong attraction and obvious feelings for each other, but after such a long time apart bring with them a some baggage and past experiences that need to be worked through.

I’m so glad that I’m regularly reading Carly Phillips’ books as it’s a reminder of just what a fabulous author she is. She knows how to deliver my perfect style of romance – sweet, romantic, sexy, steamy and with characters and settings that are authentic and relatable; and Breathe is a fine example of this. Carly’s continued success is well deserved and I cannot wait to read whatever she gives us next (as well as one day trying to get to her back catalogue as well!).

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