When FATE finds you LOVE

Unbreakable Bond by Jess Bryant


I have been so keen to read this book since Jess Bryant first announced that she was writing her first paranormal romance novel. Despite being a big fan of Twilight, I haven’t read many books in this genre but I’m definitely keen to find some more good quality paranormal romance books. This was also my first shifter – in this case werewolf shifter – romance and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Jess has done an incredible job of creating a captivating romance that has a fascinating folklore base which she explained beautifully and in no way detracted from the story.

Zoey has grown up in a shifter community – adopted by a werewolf couple who couldn’t have kids – and her best friend Michael is a werewolf, the alpha pack leader and the man she has loved for most of her life. However, in the shifter world, werewolves don’t “fall in love” in the traditional human way… they have a mate, someone destined to be theirs … and unfortunately Zoe is not fated to be Michael’s. When Michael’s brother Rafe comes back to town and it seems that he is the werewolf fated to be Zoey’s mate – well expect some fireworks and one incredible story!!

What I loved about this story was the fact it unfolded over a few days and was told in almost “real time”. I love a romance where you feel like you get to know the characters so well as they start to fall in love. And while Rafe and Zoey’s relationship is a definite insta-lust, insta-love situation, in the shifter world that Jess has created it doesn’t feel unnaturally forced like it can in a “regular” romance novel. The connection between these two is real and beautiful and they make an incredible pair. While fate brings them together, it’s their true feelings for each other that will make or break a potential ongoing relationship.

The overarching storyline – and “bad guy” – continues into the next story which is Michael’s and his fated mate Luna. I was glad that Rafe and Zoey’s story concludes but I’m super keen to find out how the rest of the arc they started in Unbreakable Bond plays out.

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