Finding love half way around the world

An Ocean Between Us by Serenity Woods


Yet again Serenity Woods has managed to captivate me with an absolutely amazing romance novel and got me all excited for the next book in the series which is out later this month. The second book in the Between the Sheets series, An Ocean Between Us tells the story of Danny and Hermione – two people who come from backgrounds that are literally and figuratively oceans apart (I love when the title so accurately describes the book!!).

Danny is the landscape gardener hired to work on Hermione’s parents’ holiday house in New Zealand. Hermione comes from London, England and is the daughter of an Earl – she’s high class, rich and in New Zealand for a getaway. After a quite amusing case of mistaken identity, it’s clear that these two are very attracted to one another, but with Hermione’s life back in London and Danny loving his home in New Zealand could it ever really work…

Serenity weaves some heavy themes into this story and yet it never brings the overall plot down, instead it enhances it and gives greater depth to the characters. From the class system in England (which as an Australian I found fascinating since we, like New Zealand, are basically a class-less country) to arranged/assumed marriages and from caring for a chronically ill parent to the importance of finding somewhere to belong; I enjoyed delving into these deeper issues alongside what is a steamy and sensual love story.

Every book I read of Serenity’s confirms for me why she is so successful at what she does – and An Ocean Between Us is another great example of her ability to deliver a gorgeous love story with characters I really come to care about.

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