Frenemies to Lovers and secrets come out

Right Between the Eyes by Serenity Woods

Right Between the Eyes is the third book in Serenity Woods Between the Sheets series and I loved loved loved this “frenemies” to lovers romance with a touch of drama added in. Serenity is fabulous at creating a series with characters whom you get to know and fall in love with over the course of many books and the absolutely gorgeous New Zealand settings where her books take place just make me want to jump on a plane and go check it all out for myself.

This is Jonah and Billie’s story and boy is it a captivating one. They’ve been friends, pranksters and frenemies for four years but Jonah has had his eye on Billie ever since she walked into their local pub… unfortunately she was in a relationship at the time. But a lot has changed during those four years and with both of them single, a little bit of money tossed into a tin for charity (loved the shout out to the Three Wise Men series!!) and next thing you know, Jonah and Billie are going on a date. But these two both have some pretty big secrets and the drama unfolds as the revealing of these secrets occurs – and some will have your jaw dropping 😳😮

While all the books in the Between the Sheets series are standalone romances about different couples, I definitely recommend starting with book 1 (or at least reading book 1 before his book) and while you will still appreciate the gorgeous romance between Jonah and Billie, you will gain a much greater understanding their friends and siblings which will make the story that much more significant.

Another fabulous book by Serenity Woods – I can’t wait for the next one in this captivating series.