Swooning over the Sun God

The Sun and The Moon

I’m finally getting around to reading all of Leslie McAdam’s back catalogue and I’m so excited to be reading her Giving You series. Knowing this was her first series, that the coffee shop in this first book inspired the name of her Facebook author group … it’s like I’m getting to know a bit of Leslie history as well as getting to read some amazing books at the same time. The first book in this series, The Sun and The Moon, has just blown me away. I’m actually shocked this was Leslie’s debut novel as it does not read that way at all. Already her ability to create genuine, authentic and nuanced characters is finely tuned and I have fallen in love with both Amelia and Ryan, aka the Sun God.

What makes this a stand out story is Amelia. She is flawed, she lives with depression, she has a lot of inner demons (and rules regarding sex) to battle … and Ryan is willing to do his best to support her through it all. Amelia’s self criticism and her negative and questioning internal voices are something that – unfortunately – lots of people can relate to (me included) and I loved that Leslie has portrayed a heroine like this. The issues that arise in Amelia and Ryan’s relationship aren’t the usual big dramatic events (ie: past exes, surprise pregnancy, massive fight), they are problems that occur due to Amelia battling with assumptions she has made due to her last, assumptions she makes about Ryan and the first impressions she gathers as well as the fact that something positive is happening in her life and her brain isn’t ready to accept it … especially when it seems “to good to be true”.

After saying all that, The Sun and The Moon does provide a lot of laughs, some very very hot and steamy sex scenes and a story line that will resonate with a lot of people on some level I am sure. We all deserve a Sun God, but no one more so than Amelia. And I cannot wait to read the rest of this series 😁