When opposites attract

The Stars in the Sky by Leslie McAdam

This story – wow 😮 It’s one of those romance novels that is so much more than a story about two people falling in love … and these are fast becoming my favourite type of romances. The Stars in the Sky gives us two polar opposites in Marie – the Democrat, vegan, environmentally friendly, tattooed woman – and Will – the Republican, ranch owner who loves his meat, his wranglers and his cowboy hat. But what makes these two different is also what makes them so damn good together and watching them fall in love was a pleasure.

Despite the story being solely from Marie’s POV, Will is a strong, dominating character who we still manage to learn so much about. And what we do discover adds him to my list of ideal book boyfriends and I now know why so many readers swoon over this cowboy. Sure he can be an a**hole (both his and Marie’s words!) but it’s the depth lying underneath that tough exterior which Marie – and all of us readers – fall for. And when you see just how he affects the strong-willed, stubborn Marie and manages to crack into her closed off heart, you know you’ve found one hell of a man.

Leslie McAdam does an incredible job of intertwining into the story quite opposing politics views without advocating for one or the other. And this is the first romance novel I’ve read that has done such a fantastic job of this. There’s no political agenda here, just a story about understanding and respecting the views of those you love. And I absolutely adored seeing both Marie and Will make compromises in their beliefs – and yep, I even enjoyed the arguments too because angry, make up sex is hot!!!!!!

This series is shaping up to be one of my favourites. And I can’t wait to read the next book with Amelia’s workaholic colleague Jake about to get taught a lesson in loosening up.