There is no reason to feel guilty about pleasure

All the Waters of the Earth by Leslie McAdam


I was definitely right when I predicted that I would absolutely adore the Giving You series by Leslie McAdam, and All the Waters of the Earth just cemented this series place as one of my faves! Jake and Lucy’s story had so many fantastic elements – from a workaholic hunk to a romance author single mum, from the trials and tribulations of parenting and custody arrangements to the joy of art and nude sketching, all culminating around the notion of needing to find a work-life balance and discovering the joy in pleasure. And while the romance is still at an all time high of sexy times, intense chemistry and lots of flirting, the story is just so realistic and true to life it felt like it was a story being told to me by a friend.

I’ve mentioned in previous reviews of Leslie’s books that I love the way in which she portrays her heroines and Lucy is yet another example of leading lady who isn’t ashamed or afraid of who she is: a curvy, strong woman who has single-handedly raised her son and makes a living from doing a creative pursuit she loves (writing romance novels 😁). Lucy is the driving force behind the relationship that develops between her and Jake, and even though she has been hurt in the past, Lucy is willing to go all in with Jake…if she can convince him to spend more time with her than at work. Jake the workaholic is also another great portrayal of a main character who has genuine, realistic flaws – something I really appreciated. Reading about Jake overcoming some of his weaknesses adds a unique element to what is already a fantastic story that will have you hooked from the very first page.

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